Ceiling Fan Installation Canberra

At Mastro 5 Electrical, we can install a wide array of electrical features to ensure your home benefits from all of the modern amenities and necessities. It does not stop at switchboards and smoke alarms – we also do ceiling fan installations across the Canberra area.

If you would like us to help install your ceiling fan, please call us at 02 6182 8159. Alternatively, read on to know more about this service and how a fan could be just what you need in summer.

Professional ceiling fan installations

Only qualified professionals are allowed to install a ceiling fan, and for a good reason – it could be dangerous to attempt it yourself. At Mastro 5, we are fully accredited and trained to do the job at hand; you can trust us to provide a smooth (and safe) installation service.

If you have yet to purchase your ceiling fan, we can also guide you on choosing the one that works best in the space you have. We can help you find the model that fits your budget as well as your room and can even advise on whether you will do best with an AC or DC fan.

Why do you need a ceiling fan?

Air conditioning is commonplace across Australian homes, but that doesn’t compare to the flexibility and the style afforded by a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan can save you money by stopping you from relying on the air-con system as much. You can use it instead of the air conditioning unit or even in conjunction with it e.g., you can run your air-con at a low setting and let the fan circulate it around the room.

But that’s not all, ceiling fan users across Canberra experience many benefits. Here are just a few more:

  • The wind can keep insects away, which is especially useful if you’re dealing with pesky mosquitoes.
  • They are easy to maintain and clean.
  • Many models are reversible, circulating warmth throughout the house in winter if you need it.
  • They are environmentally friendly and can cut your carbon footprint.
  •  Even just on an aesthetic level, they look great and will be the envy of any visitor.

Book an Installation with Mastro 5

A ceiling fan has many benefits to offer a Canberra home, which is why we’re proud to offer ceiling fan installation across the region. For more information or to book an installation with us contact Mastro 5 Electrical today.

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