Electrical Safety Certificates Canberra

Mastro 5 Electrical is fiercely committed to ensuring your safety. When we complete electrical work, we always make sure our clients are given an Electrical Safety Certificate. This is so they know we have completed the job to the highest possible standards with minimum risk of danger.

Even if you have not had any electrical work done by us in the past, we can inspect your property for any electrical issues and fully certify it to give you the peace of mind enjoyed by our customers.

Safety Certificates in Australia

It is currently the law for Australian electricians to provide a special certificate to show that everything they do is following national regulations. If an electrician does not certify the work they conducted, they could be hit with a hefty fine. There is a reason for this, electrical work is very sensitive and specialised so one error can have severe consequences resulting in overloaded circuits and possibly a fire. This makes it vital to check that everything in your home is up to scratch, especially as even quality work can degrade over time.

Canberra Safety Inspections

Legally speaking, Electrical Safety Certificates have to be provided for every new property. On top of this, any property left unoccupied or without power for over a year also needs a certificate. In these cases, you will need to provide your Electrical Safety Certificate to your chosen energy provider so that you can be safely connected to their services.

If any electrical work (or rework) is needed to help you attain the certificate, then Mastro 5 can carry this out and help your property get certified. Even if you do not need to prove the property’s safety to an energy company, it is still a good idea to get the features in your home checked regularly.

A certificate can help you feel comfortable in your home (whether it’s old or new) as it can be worrying to read about electrical issues that went undetected. An Electrical Safety Certificate is an easy way to prove that your electrics are all in working order and will stay that way for some time.

Get an Electrical Safety Certificate

Mastro 5 Electrical works across Canberra and the surrounding region to ensure all properties follow the relevant rules and regulations.

For more information about our services and to ensure that your property is safe, contact us today!

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