Electrical Socket and Switch Installation Canberra

When you move into a new property in Canberra or choose to redecorate or refurbish your property, you may be frustrated at the lack of electric socket outlets and switches.
If you require more electrical socket outlets and switches installed in your Canberra home, contact our professional team at Mastro 5 Electrical today.

Why are we always installing more electrical sockets and switches?


In today’s modern world everything is electrical! With more and more appliances at home and in the workplace, from mobile phone chargers to kitchen appliances, electricity is essential for a household to function. More electrical sockets and switches make accessing power more convenient.


In a workplace and household, long cables and extension cords are not only an eyesore, but they can also be a trip hazard. With expertly placed electrical sockets, the need for excess cords and wires can be reduced. There is also greater freedom for where to place an item in a room as you won’t be limited by plug socket access.


It can be time-consuming for individuals to have to reach into hard to access areas or behind pieces of furniture to use plug sockets. It can also be dangerous to overload plug sockets due to a lack of energy sources in a room. Our Electrical socket installation services ensure you can place sockets and switches in easy to reach places and have multiple sockets to support your energy needs.

The benefits of hiring our team

Everyone needs more electrical socket outlets and switches! The benefits of hiring Mastro 5 Electrical include…

  • Certified
    We only employ fully certified technicians so you can have the utmost confidence in the safety of our installation work. We can also provide professional advice about how many sockets may suit your needs and the optimum location to place the sockets.
  • Reliable
    When our team makes a promise, we stick to it. We promise to arrive at your property at the agreed-upon time and complete our work as efficiently and discreetly as possible.
  • Experience
    Our electricians have experience installing socket outlets and switches on both domestic and commercial buildings in Canberra. We enjoy a challenge and can creatively problem solve any installation issues.

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