RCD Safety Switches Installation Repairs Canberra

As part of our commitment to safety, Mastro 5 Electrical can install brand new RCD switches as well as replace old and outdated RCD’s. These RCD’s or Residual Current Devices are essential for any home using electricity and prevent you from being fatally electrified by touching a live wire in your home.

They have been compulsory since 2000, so your home must have them installed – and you must get them repaired or replaced if any fault arises. For help installing or repairing your RCD safety switches, contact us at 02 6182 8159 or read on for more information.

Safety switch installation

Even though your home probably already comes with RCD switches (check just in case), there is still the option to add more for extra protection. At least two must be installed within the switchboard, but this number goes up depending on electricity usage. This is something to consider if your electrical needs are above average or if you recently expanded your home or your family has grown.

These safety switches are incredibly reliable, and they can be supplemented by consumer-bought RCDs which fit your plug sockets for maximum safety. Roughly twenty people are electrocuted every year in Australia, and this figure would be higher if RCDs were less common. By making sure your RCDs are installed with the help of Mastro 5 Electrical, you are working to keep that number low.

RCD Testing and Repair / Replacement

Residences should test their RCDs every 3-12 months. The typical way to test if they are working is simple. Go to your switchboard and flick the switch on the RCD – this will engage the RCD. If all is working as it should be, your electrical appliances will now be offline until you flick the switch back on. If they are still operational, you either have a faulty RCD or incorrect wiring.
In the event of any RCD issues, a repair is needed right away – you never know when the next potentially fatal fault will develop. Mastro 5 Electrical are fully qualified to help with this, and our electricians will work to make sure your safety is guaranteed.

If you worry that you do not have enough functioning RCDs to cover your property, then Mastro 5 Electrical is more than happy to help in any way that we can across Canberra and the surrounding area.

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