Switchboard Repairs and Upgrades Canberra

At Mastro 5 Electrical, we make sure that our customers have the latest and safest switchboards for their property with our switchboard repairs and upgrades. Our services are available across Canberra and the surrounding areas, so contact us today for a quote.

Keep your property safe with our switchboard repairs

Old, decaying switchboards are a huge problem across Australia – in fact, they are the number one cause of electrical house fires by a substantial margin. As switchboards get older, the cables and casings begin to erode and loosen. This causes the old fuses and fuse holders to break down too, leaving hot spots which will eventually create a switchboard fire.

There is no way of knowing how much damage a switchboard fire can do to your home, so it is vital that you address the issue before it develops into something serious. If you think that your property has an old and worn-out switchboard, contact our specialists at Mastro 5 Electrical today for an electrical inspection.

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Why choose Mastro 5 Electrical for your switchboard repairs and upgrades in Canberra?

We have established ourselves as a reputable electrical company that offers a valuable service to our customers. We have highly experienced and certified electricians who understand the complex and intricate nature of electrical jobs, such as switchboard repairs. What’s more, our services are cost-effective and available to everyone in and around the Canberra area.
Some of the reasons our customers choose Mastro 5 Electrical over the competition is:

Top rated 
We are renowned in the field as a reputable electrical company that doesn’t skimp on quality. We use the latest tools of the trade and industry expertise to provide exceptional repair work, inspections and more.

No delay
We make ourselves available when you need us most, and work to your schedule. Whether you need an emergency call-out late at night or first thing in the morning, Mastro 5 Electrical is here to help.

High quality
All of our work at Mastro 5 Electrical is performed with a keen eye for detail and a methodical approach to inspections. We make sure our work is of the highest quality to ensure the safety – and satisfaction – of our customers.

Most of the work that we do at Mastro 5 Electrical is bespoke, which means that we will only do what you need us to. We don’t overcharge for our services and our prices are very reasonable.

If you’re having issues with your switchboard and would like a professional to take a look, contact us today!

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